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Bakuchiol Retinol & Tumeric Refreshing Treatment Mask

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Transforming your complexion takes only 20 minutes with our Retinol & Tumeric Refreshing Treatment Mask. This wonder formulation provides antioxidant protection and hydration to boost radiance whilst balancing out your skin tone. Fortified with nutrient-rich Turmeric Root Extract and naturally derived Retinol Complex, this mask aims to create a barrier against moisture loss, banish blemishes and reduce signs of ageing thanks to its skin-calming powers.
Adding our highly moisturising, cream-textured Turmeric mask into your weekly routine will promote the brightening of your skin by aiding in cell regeneration. It works quickly to smooth your skin’s complexion and provides a surge of moisture so that you can achieve a plump, dewy and brighter complexion.

Key Ingredients:
Bakuchiol, naturally derived, is a retinol-like compound which helps to reduce signs of skin ageing.

Turmeric is packed with powerful antioxidants that have been found to protect against environmental aggressors, UVB light and it can prevent redness in the skin.

Glycerin is a great humectant that provides moisturising qualities to the skin.